From Cocaine to Christ: The Story of Brain Mohika Part 1

    Ever heard of someone hitting rock bottom before they finally have a come-to-Jesus moment? Well, Brian Mohika will be the first to admit he couldn’t tell you which rock bottom finally did the trick! In this riveting account of his personal testimony, he tells the story of how he went from a life in ruins from the consequences of his addictions to sober, clean,

    Phil Thompson Live in Concert

    Gospel Recording Artist Phil Thompson performing live at Boston Gospelfest.

    Dating + God = ?

    If you are a Christian who struggles with dating, the struggle is over! In this book, Dating + God = Questions, Pastor Robert Connolly reveals the truth about dating God’s way and how to enjoy it. Using his marriage as an example, readers will learn God’s purpose for relationships and how to go from single to married the way He intended it.