• Michael Hendricks / Big Ruckus


    TWITTER: @realbigruckus


    For the past twenty years, Michael Hendricks has been devoted to the passion of music and media. As a graduate of Nyack College (Nyack, New York), Michael became a radio announcer for 88.7FM WNYK, which broadcast to hundreds of households in the greater Hudson Valley area.

    After college, Michael became the main host and music director for 'In the Sanctuary' on WEZE 590AM. and 'Big Ruckus Unleashed' on WMSX1410AM.
    In 2013, decided to transition to the small screen to create and produce Public Praise TV, a faith-based lifestyle magazine television show for individuals who are not afraid to proclaim their Faith in God.

    Michael is currently a member of the Alliance of Community Media and is striving to become an accomplished television producer and graphic designer. Michael currently lives in Massachusetts with his lovely wife Dima and his 2 sons.

    Dima Hendricks /

    Mrs. Ruckus

    TWITTER: @dimahendricks


    Sickle cell survivor and a child witness to domestic violence, Dima Hendricks is now an advocate and a true ambassador of change. In her role, she has facilitated health workshops and participated in panel discussions. Dima has served in various professional capacities at The Heart Truth Campaign, The American Heart and Stroke Association, Love Life Now Foundation Inc., and was a former board member of the Greater Boston Sickle Cell Association. She has also been featured in various media outlets and is the host of Public Praise T.V.

    Dima’s extensive pageant experience began with the title of Miss Black Dorchester USA and was crowned Miss Black Massachusetts USA in 2007. She has also served as a pageant director, coach, and judge for over a decade. Today, Dima is the VP of Operations for Miss Black US Ambassador. She also holds the title of Mrs. Massachusetts International; a pageant system that showcases the accomplishments of today’s married woman.

    Robert Connolly /


    INSTAGRAM: @rezarec18


    Robert " Rezarec " Connolly is a multi-talented entertainer. A self-proclaimed "Jamie Foxx of gospel", he is a triple threat as an actor, a rapper, and a stand up comedian, all while serving in ministry as a preacher.

    Stephanie Deltor

    INSTAGRAM: @StephanieNativita


    Stephanie is a zealous entrepreneur, mental health clinician, motivational speaker, and published author. Global where she empowers her customers to life a healthy lifestyle and teaches women across the nation on how to supplement their income doing the same. Today, Stephanie serves as “Miss Black Massachusetts Ambassador 2016” through the Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant, a premier pageant for today’s emerging black women. Based on life lessons, personal experiences, and various self‐esteem movements around the nation, her platform equips women with the tools needed to radically accept, embrace, and love themselves from the inside out.

    Aaron K. Wilson 

    TWITTER: @Aaron_Wil_


    Aaron is professionally diverse in the arena of public speaking and workshop facilitation. Working in the nonprofit field most of his career he formed a strong passion for healing and serving others.


    Aaron passionately created leadership programs and workshops and started speaking at small organizations, nonprofits, schools, churches, and shelters. Former president of Toastmasters (Nationally accredited speaking association) Aaron has been speaking for the duration of 10 years. Aaron graduated from Bryant University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a focus in Management and minor in Communications.

    Aaron currently is the co-director of the eHUB, a collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs to pursue their business goals and dreams, while he is currently pursuing his, and motivating people at the same time.

    Zulimar Vidal / Zuli

    TWITTER: @lovezuli


    Zuli found her individuality in the creative Arts. She finds self-expression easiest through Fashion Design, Blogging, Public Speaking, Writing, Choreographing, Decorating, Composing lyrics, Acting, Painting, and orchestrating theatrical productions. Zuli‘s charismatic and idealistic personality compliment her truly altruistic heart. During Zuli's professional career she has worked for corporate America as well a variety of non-profit, for profit, religious and educational establishments where she had the opportunity of leading, mentoring, encouraging, and working with children, youth, young adults and families in addition to individuals with disabilities and other barriers.

    Timoy Gregory

    Line Production and Sound Technician


    Born and raised in Jamaica, Timoy has always have a passion for music and acting. His intro to music was playing drums for his church from the age of 11. He would always hang around bands, sounds systems, or driving his parents crazy by either playing loud music or drumming on table or old pans. After migrating to America at the age of 14, and digging deeper into music, he discovered Engineering and Music Production. Timoy graduated college with a Bachelors in Music and Acting, in hopes to do Film Score, Music Production and Acting.

    Jenn Thompson / Jennthomp 13

    During her younger years as growing up as a pastor's daughter Jenn Thompson, began to experience issues with her self esteem, confidence, appearance, identity, friends and family. As she went through many personal defeats she continued to look inward for answers of who she was. She discovered Jesus in 2000 and how exciting it was to build a personal relationship with Him in her own way.
    After years of watching many awesome and beautiful women on YouTube, in January of 2014, she started a YouTube channel, that would show girls that they can be radiantly beautiful, confident and passionate about Jesus all at the same time. She pursues this vision and strives to impact the lives of as many young girl and women that God allows.

    Rob Badgett / B.FREE

    TWITTER: @madetobfree


    Nothing exhilarates Robert 'B.FREE' Badgett more than empowering the masses to take transformative action in their personal lives, businesses, and families through education, arts, and entertainment.

    As a face in the Christian and Inspirational market, he has recorded two full-length albums; The Master's Peace and Let it B. Rob has released several singles and mixtapes. His debut music video P.U.S.H. received industry recognition and a substantial amount of views on social media. He has worked as an on-air radio personality at WSTL radio as the host of the “Free LunchProgram” and The“Sunday Buffet”.

    Rob has performed on stages throughout the east coast

    and has been blessed to work as an actor in two major mainstream projects; Beyond Grace stage play and YTF feature film.

    His future works will include expanding the 'B.FREE' brand through writing and recording original works. Apart from business and ministry, Rob is a devoted father of three children and enjoys spending time investing in the lives of his children.