Public Praise is a faith-based lifestyle magazine television show for individuals who are not afraid to proclaim the one whom we call ‘King’!
    Public Praise is an interactive program that will leave you informed, enlightened and entertained. Whether it’s live performances from our featured artist, one on one interviews, funny sketch comedy, the latest in news and entertainment, or personal reflections from our hosts, Public Praise got you covered!

    The mission of Public Praise is to showcase individuals with incredible gifts, talents, and stories who are not ashamed to use them for the Kingdom of God. We acknowledge that our God-given ability to create does not start at the pulpit and ends at the church’s door. We are called to be world changers…to be on the top of our rightful mountain of influence and proudly proclaim the greatness of Christ in us!
    In a world where broadcasting your faith is frowned upon… we broadcast to glorify the One that we are Proud to Proclaim and Never Ashamed.

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